We're Off To See the Wizard!

Hey everybody!

Still here. Hahaha. This week has, again, been difficult, some days more than others. However, I've learned a lot of how good the Lord is by the people He surrounds me with. I have learned so much from the testimonies of those around me. I have made friends that I will never forget and have seen how well God knows me by the experiences we've shared. That has been awesome. We are, probably by far, the most disobedient Zone here, which I am actually not proud of, surprising. But we are the closest. We take up a whole table in the cafeteria. We sing to each other and share scriptures and have opened up like no other. It's so easy for the spirit to join when there are 20 kids praying for his attendance. I'm really sad most of us are not going on same missions and about half of us left this morning, so I'm still coping. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Kansas. 3:30 AM. Whoo. I am actually excited for Kansas, the MTC hasn't been my favorite, but it has taught me that I love investigators! I really hate teaching, but I looove investigators! It's awesome to have insight into people's hearts through the spirit and to get to be the Lord's instrument to make 'em feel better - favorite thing ever. 

For some reason, I associate everything here with the Hunger games. #missionaryproblems. 

"who wants to pray?"
"I volunteer!"

"There is one donut in the apartment, and six girls"
"there is only one rule - eat the donut" 

"New kids in this week."
"Ah. The reaping."

"Hey who am I?!" *motions bow and arrow*
"No! Nefi. Juarez! Why do you always take it to the Hunger Games!."

I don't think these kids fully realize the workings of the MTC. 

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