Colorado is Nice

I'm actually in Colorado.
Haha, I got to Kansas last week, but my writing time went by way too quick and I couldn't email y'all.
Well I am out in what you would think of when you hear "Kansas" .. I'm covering about four small towns on the border of Colorado and Kansas and actually live in Colorado, so that's cool. There are about a total of 3000 people in the whole of it and everybody's real nice but.. comfortable. So if any of ya return missionaries know of any tricks for a "dead" area, lemme know.
We're workin real hard. My companion is a sweetheart - Sister Roquemore. She does not speak Spanish so this ought to be fun. We're the first sister missionaries here in over 20 years so.. hahaha we're loving it, people are so excited to see us so that's fun.
There are so many freaking cats here, I wanna die.
Also, grrr.. the United Methodist Church is worse than the Jehova Witnesses.. that's all imma say about that..
Everything and everybody is really nice. Sorry, nothing exciting to say. I would post pictures but I don't have my cable for my camera quite yet, next time.
Thank you for your love and support :)

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