No Judgement Zone

I am of course talking about Planet Fitness.
We got gym memberships. This was actually a couple of weeks ago. And I'm getting ready to run a 5K. Because I hate myself clearly. Anyways.. the first month we had to pay a down payment of $30 so it was super easy to get up every morning because, thirty bucks is thirty bucks. But now we only pay $10.. lets just say driving past the gym every afternoon has gotten a little awkward.
"it's not you, it's me."
However, Planet Fitness is super clean and everything matches annnnd they have "NO JUDGEMENT ZONE" pasted everywhere.. if only life were a little more Planet Fitnessy.
We feel super awkward in pants.
We had a service day this week, which = pants, by the way. At first I was all "yaaaaayy PAAAAANTS" .. but then I was all "not so much".. it's ridiculous how quickly you become an awkward missionary.
For example. I accidentally knicked one of the Elder's arms and .. I had to have a long sit down with my companion about it. I remember when I was normal.
So we had awesome miracles last week. A member family who I adore had this ridiculous trial that I can't tell you about cause of privacy issues. And because my companion is super about obedience and in the white handbook it says I can't tell you.
Anyways, we fasted for them - then the whole zone fasted for them - all 40 missionaries, and their miracle came through, and let me tell you, it was a miracle.
yeah, I know that's not too many details but.. I love Wichita. The mission has been really hard and there are still things that are.. interesting.. but as far as the people - it's the best.
They are so humble and dedicated and kind... so, so, dedicated. It's amazing. I love these people so much and so entirely I wish I could just move 'em all to Utah!
The people. That's what my mission has been all about.
So.. Storm Shelters.
We didn't find who we were looking for, but it was still productive cause up till now we had no idea where to go if there were a Tornado. We live in an apartment.

We couldn't resist. The street is named "Hood". We serve in the Hood. It's the truth.

We eat out way more than we should. This was fitting with the whole Peter thing that's been on my mind.

Brother Goddard. The one time he isn't wearing a poncho. This is seriously the only time in my life I saw him without a Poncho. Still a classy man. He's so Argentine, it's the best.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - Wichita has the best walls. (pretty sure that's literally what I said last week. Whatever)


The Elders in our district are the best.

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