But Kansas is Nice Too

Hey everyone... Um.. I don't know how to bring this up casually so whatevs.. I got emergency transferred to Wichita. Here today. Just got here.. so if I gave you my Burlington address last week, JK --> send all lovin' to the mission office and since I am in Wichita - they'll forward it to me. Just.. yeah... do that.. and if you sent something to Burlington already - then it's lost forever - not really, but it could take a while until I actually get it.
Ummm.. haha I don't know how to be light about all this but yeah.. anyways, I saw a ton of miracles in good ol' Burlington, CO. ... in fact, yesterday we had an investigator who had fallen off the face of the Earth show up to church! She had committed to baptism then poof. she was gone. My poor companion had a hard time letting go of her but Saturday night I got this "maybe she'll come this Sunday" feeling.. even though we hadn't talked to her in days.. and she came :) it was cool. I gave her a big ol' squeeze. I kept talking about her baptism and sister Roquemore was all "you are still getting baptized, right?" and she said yes, and I was all "of course she is" *shoulder shrug* then I gave her my email so she could send me pics. Didn't doubt it for a sec.
Also my comp and I had this nifty little activity with the members last Sunday. Wanted to invite members to place Book of Mormons, but just handing them out we knew they'd end up on counters and under coffee tables, so we took color pencils and had people mark their favorite scriptures and write their testimonies on the front page then we bought wrapping paper and we had them wrap their Gift of Mormon (clever, I know) .. it was fun, the members loved it. Also - I freaking love gift wrapping stuff. If this preaching gig doesn't pan out, I'm getting a job at Macy's or something. Mine had a bow and errything. Seriously, it was beautiful. I mean... the spirit made it beautiful.
My new companion is brown! #lamanite.. we're the only two native spanish speaking sisters in the whole mission. We had met before and really clicked and joked a couple of times how we'd never be companions because they wanted us to cover more ground seperately. "that will never happen" .. :)
I really miss my doggy.
Can someone google Quaker Oats for me? Did it start with Quakers? Is it still owned by Qaukers? - the questions that plague my mind.
P.S. these pictures make no sense together but whatever. the brown girl is my new comp. the white one is my old one. the bird and the dog are part of a less active family that was a hoot. and this place is really flat and empty. But I love it :)


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