I really don't have much for this week except the following:

*My comp is me but more awkward, which is saying something. She's hilarious. Someone needs to get her a TV show. But it's definitely gonna need to be on the Independent Television Network. She's too weird for basic cable. (...the fact that I know that makes me to weird for basic cable)
*There is a brother in the Spanish branch who - get this - loves lighthouses (and I mean his whole house is decorated with lighthouses and he wears ponchos with lighthouses on them), and is Jewish. That's right. He celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas. He's got a menorah. This is happening.
*They say Arkansas like Are-Kansas.. which I feel is just so conceited.
*There is another family in the Spanish branch that has adopted a million kids. so they're my heros.
*I miss a lot of my investigators from Burlington, but I'm excited to meet people here.
*Watching the Christmas Devotional was rough. Utah looks beautiful :)

Can someone tell me what town in Kansas Smallville was filmed in?

Nobody answered my Quaker Oats question. I don't have access to google. Someone please help.

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