Christmas Time is Here

Christmas time is right around the corner and I finally am ok with it. Kinda hahaha
We went caroling last night with the Elders in our district and it was a lot of fun.. those jams always make me love Christmas. We also have been eating a lot so I cannot complain. #fatty
I'm also getting super excited about getting to talk with the family and see them :)
Christmas on the mission so far has been very different. Awesome. But different. Talk about the CHRISTmas spririt though.. (eh, eh (: )
Let me just tell you about my hilarious companion - Actual quotes:
- "You're like the GPS whisperer!" (I have to help her figure out the GPS)
- "You know what makes me feel better when I'm nervous to give a talk? People are just people, they're all gonna die eventually." :) ... that one is probably my favorite
- "It's whatevah lil bumper!" - this one I've picked up. It's contagious.
- " I have a lot of talents but the only useful one is breathing. When it works." -Asthma-like issues.
Ok, Dave - you told me you did research on Quaker Oats, but you never told me if it's still owned by quakers ...?
And the smallville info was super useful - Gracias :)
Next question: The three wisemen. Everything. Just send me the Wikipedia Article if you can. Thanks :)
Miss you all and pray for you!
Ps. These are the pictures I used for my Xmas Card, and I got to help a sister decorate (love christmas!) and we put the recliner in our apartment in our walk-in closet and there was a lot of "PIVOT" .. but it worked :)

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