Ice, Ice, Baby

We got about three inches of ice in Wichita.

*we're teaching a family of kids and they're my favorite investigators - teaching the plan of salvation was a trip, but they loved it. It's basically story time all the time. The best.

*The mission is doing a missionwide baptism service on the 24th of December and they're calling it Noche Blanca (white night) - both the AP's are spanish speaking elders. It's gonna be awesome.

*Wichita has some awesome painted walls. Just sayin.

*Invited a couple people to baptism, all said yes - only two decided on a date - but we're still working on it. Probably gonna get transfered right before their baptism too :| (totally not bitter)
*The elders in my district gave us a christmas tree. it was the best. CHRRIIIISTTTMAAAASSS
*We have this amazing potential (potential investigator) we met at Popeye's. We were all "I'll have the crispy chicken with a biscuit" and he was all "what's the Book of Mormon about?" - insane. Then sister Torres was like boom, first lesson, testify, want one? But we didn't have one in English on us. We promised we'd be back soon (fried chicken, duh) but he hasn't been there since! We're on this massive quest for Johnny from Popeyes.. we've even resorted to stopping at all the Popeye's we drive by. I can't believe I'm saying this but.. I think I've had too much fried chicken. If anybody wants to help a sister (or two..) out, help us on our quest. Pray so Johnny will use the card we gave him and call us - or that once, just once more, he can be at popeye's when we're at popeye's. Thanks guys.
*Went to the Zoo with my dad. I do what I want. Just Kidding. I got permission from the mission president. He came to town. We Zoo'd it up. Pictures below.
*We had been carrying a Book of Mormon around for two weeks to give to Johnny, and while tracting the other day, we accidentally gave it away. Awkward. But this lady seemed pretty interested too! ... I'm new.
*Quote from Sis. Torres:
Me: you know, like she's a bimbo.
Sis. Torres: bhahahaha! She's a bimbo! ... wait. What's a bimbo? ... isn't that bread?
Merry Christmas! Remember Jesus :) I'm sorry I don't send super inspiring emails. Ok - lets see what I can come up with:
Yesterday we had the Mission Presiden'ts devotional and they asked a couple recent converts to get up and bear their testimony. There was this sister who is actually getting baptized on Noche Blanca who came up and bore her testimony and her enthusiasm was just - my favorite. She kept saying "May God bless you, big time!" and you know, He does. She later said "I'm one of God's spoiled rotten brats. Because that's what you are when you're parent's give you everything you want and more" :) I loved it so much. God is so good to us, He patiently listens and then truly gives us so, so much. So this season, apart from the temporal things, look around and see just how much the Lord has spoiled you and I invite you to go, and give to someone else (so you don't feel as bratty haha) and so you can get a teeny tiny taste of that sincere love God has for all His children. When you're serving others is when you feel it the most. It's really cool actually.
Ok, that's all I got. :) I love you all - Talk to you next year!!! ... hehehe



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