Well, This is Awkward

I finished my last email with "talk to you next year!" ... I clearly can't count days.
So Christmas - hahaha it was great! Loved it :) I got so many gloves! which is awesome, because it is freezing in Wichita.
Christmas Eve we got all dolled up ('cause brown people celebrate the on the 24th) and we headed out to the big NOCHE BLANCA baptism.
It was really cool. The church was decorated beautifully inside and the spirit was super powerful. The President gave the talk and one of the sisters sang sweet, beautiful music.
Then people got baptized.
After the baptism we went to hand out some greeting cards and saw a ton of less active members. It was really special. Shared a christmas message with them.
We went home after all the Christmas cheer was spread and since it's a cultural thing, we decided it was ok to stay up till Midnight to open gifts (it's our culture - White handbook says it's totally fine.. somewhere in there) .. so we watched the Joseph Smith movie - classic - put on our PJs, told Christmas stories.. then it was gettin' late and sister Torres was way too antsy to open her hugenormous package and I was honestly passing out, so right around 11:40 we went nuts and opened everything up. Love Christmas.
I loved everything - I got so much candy! :DDD, got some beautiful letters - and I'm just so grateful for the people in my life. Thank you for thinking of me :)
I left a package from somebody who.. I didn't know would be so special.. for Christmas day. Sister Torres decided to open all her presents in one sitting. hahah she's my favorite.
The next morning I opened up the extra package. It was from the mom of my MTC best friend. Sister Wright (who by the way, is related to my favorite seminary teacher Brother Wright).
The package was from somebody who had never met me, had no connection to me, and yet it made me cry.. maybe a little bit.. I was just really touched that somebody who didn't know me at all could love me that way, her letter was simple and sweet - and all her gifts the same :) It really made me remember that Christmas Spirit - of giving and loving all - whether we know them or not - and how simple it is to just make 'em smile :)
Got to talk to my family, saw my brother who is in Peru! That was awesome, didn't think I'd get to talk to him. Then went to dinner with some investigators who were just the coolest family. They were so kind. And they had a really chubby Pug I almost stole. sigh.
Ended the night at Bro. Goddard (Jewish, lighthouse, papa to missionaries in the area) with his fam and the elders, drinking Mate (Argentine Drink) and talkin about Christmas. Good times :)
Well, that's... that's it haha..
and this time, for real - "talk to you next year!"


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