Remember that One Time Elder Howell kissed Elder Johnson?!

^ on the mouth.
Not apostate - just a corner, a hallway, and fate.
Missions are really awkward. A lot of really awkward things happen out here - I don't even know how to handle some things. You just laugh because it is kinda ridiculous.
Being a missionary is like being a pro - stalker. Sometimes the Elders will say things like:
"why don't you guys just stop by and visit them when they're not expecting it?"
"you mean, ambush them?"
But then... a lot of really ridicoulously awesome things happen.
Thursday night we were at an appointment out in the middle of nowhere - I know it's Kansas so that doesn't really narrow it down - and it was an awesome appointment! buuut.. I started getting the chills midway. I didn't want to say anything because it was going so well, so I just grinned and bore it :) however, by the time we got out I knew I had a full blown fever. As we stepped out in the cold my body just fuh-reaked. I started shaking and shivering so bad I could barely walk. At first it was kinda funny, (read: paragraph 2) but then my chest started hurting and things got real serious real fast. That night was interesting. But the important part of the story is that .. I learned a lot of myself, and what the Lord thinks of me (sorry, I know that's a bit cryptic), I also added on to my firm belief that each person we're surrounded with has been put there. I'm incredibly greatful for the priesthood and for how accessible it is to me now. And for the fact that these Elders are living their life in a way where its so evident every word they say comes from the Holy Ghost. (ha, I love em, but they could have never come up with that on their own). I'm grateful for amazing companions. And an awesome Mission Presidents and Mission President Wife. I'm grateful for the authority, knowledge, and understanding that comes with this great work. It's pretty cool.
To end on a slightly less heavy note (great transitions, I know): Does anybody have a Ukelele they're not using and would like to let me borr..have? The struggle is real.
P.S. I went thrifting, and all was well in the world.




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