Walking on Water..

Hey everyone. Not much to report today.
There's a place in my mission called Hooker. Hooker, Oklahoma. They sell T-Shirts.
This week the story of Peter walking on water has been headlining. Last Tuesday we had a Zone Training and one of the AP's looked straight at me in the middle of his lecture and said "Sister Juarez, you are already walking on water. Why would you look down at the waves?" ... it hit me pretty hard. I was also on the spot so that was awkward. But I've been thinking about that a lot. And that story. How Peter was already doing the impossible, but he doubted. Sucks. ... He must have felt pretty lame when he realized if he would've just kept going he would've reached the Lord, but he didn't. He sank. Jesus was there to pick him up though, that's the best part! ... but still must have stung when he got back on the boat to remember he sank - and then Jesus was all "O thou of little faith" .. That Jesus, always so lovingly bold - gotta love it. Peter ended up being a pretty cool guy.. but I wonder how he felt after he got back on the boat. All the apostles were probably doing some really holy version of "Hoohoo.. shouldn't have doubted man" or a "I'm sure you'll walk on water next time," ... they were probably really nice about it though. I mean they were apostles. For the most part I think everybody was just pretty mesmerized at how awesome Christ was. ... I don't know. Just been on my mind. It's a good story. Matthew 14:29 if y'all were wondering.
I learned what/how to spot Orion's belt. All of Orion for that matter (Thanks Sister Roquemore! ). He's always sideways in Kansas. I like to pretend he's kicking in the winning goal.
For our service day this week we cleaned a member's house who was moving. All those years of cleaning my parents' rental homes paid off. That kitchen was spotless. I had the best team too. Also, Fabuloso degreaser is really, really good, guys.
We had an FHE last week. (part of our plan to unite the branch). We did it at the church and put all the couches in the gym. It was fun, the members liked it. I could plan activities all day, erryday. (except no please)
The little boys we are teaching are getting baptized the 18th, and they are so sweet I could just dip 'em in my coffee! .. or hot cocoa.
Elders:"there's a shooting at our apartment RIGHT NOW! We can hear the gunshots!"
Me: "Oh, whatever."
Elders: "seriously! we need to leave right now. I don't know how we're gonna do this."
Sis. Torres: "....It's just like dodgeball. :)"
Me: "there's Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer...."
Sis. Torres: "Pisces, Leo..."
Me: "Capricorn...."
Sis. Torres: "..Capricorn..."
Me: "...."
Sis. Torres: "......"
Me: "...Capricorn ...and.."
Sis. Torres: "...unicorn."
Member: "Well our tub is so big, we could baptize him there!"
Me: "let's do it!"
Member: "well, he says he'll never get baptized because he's afraid of water."
Me: "It's ok, we'll baptize him by fire..."
- I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Kansas has the best painted walls.
- Lighthouses for days.



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